Dear Parents,

For your child’s safety, CCIC Children’s Ministry has decided to not allow elementary children (3rd-5th grade) to self-dismiss from any of our programs unless parents/guardians give their permissions to do so. Therefore, please submit the following form if you want to authorize your child(ren) to self-dismiss from any of our program(s). If your child is to be picked up by a teen, you need to submit this form too.

Children who have been authorized to self-dismiss will have a “Self-Dismiss Authorized” note printed on their Sunday program name labels and receive a sticker “Self-Dismiss Authorized” to put on their AWANA or Summer Program name badges.

Those who do not submit this form, please be prompt to pick up your child(ren) at the following venues:

Sunday 1st service at 10:30am from classrooms (refer your pick up slip)
Sunday 2nd service at 12:00pm from classrooms (refer your pick up slip)
Friday AWANA at 9:25pm from 1st Floor
Saturday AWANA at 8:55pm from Fireside
Friday Summer Program at 9:25pm from classes
Saturday Summer Program at 8:55pm from 1st floor or classes (check with our Saturday co-workers)

Please present your pick up slip (little label printed from the computer) to teachers upon pick up.  Printer will only print name labels and pick up slips for Sunday program. Preprinted name tags will be used for AWANA and Summer Program.

Note: There is no Self-Dismiss Option for children ages 0-7 years old (Baby – 2nd Grade). You must pick up your child to ensure safety.

Parents have to provide a note to the teacher/leader in charge every time whenever a sibling/teen is assigned to pick up their preschoolers.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Authorize my child(ren) for  Self-Dismiss