Patric Chang

English Ministry | 英语部  (Elder | 长老)

Meet Patric

Patric moved from England with his wife Tee Shin and two sons two days before Easter in 1996. For Easter Sunday, he took the family to a church which he found in the Yellow Pages. For the second Sunday, a friend recommended CCIC which Patric and his wife have been attending to this day. Patric was installed as a CCIC elder in 2010 after serving as a deacon. Patric serves in the evangelism, outreach and mission ministry at CCIC. Patric and Tee Shin frequently host seekers, scholars, students and missionaries at their home. They have stepped out in short term mission trips, led outreach activities such as “Beautiful Day,” and ran evangelistic courses at church and at their home. Patric works at a high tech company. He likes hiking, music, good books, travel and meeting people of different backgrounds to share a meal, a joke or a pertinent story.