David Yu | 虞若丘

English Ministry | 英语部  (Elder | 长老)

Meet David

David has been part of the leadership team at CCIC since 2008, when he became a deacon. In 2010, he was installed as an elder. David focuses on teaching and prayer, and is passionate about sharing the gospel so that others can come to know Christ as Lord and Savior. David is involved in the men’s ministry and wholeheartedly embraces the English Congregation’s vision of an inter-generational spiritual family. David lived in various countries in Asia and Latin America during his childhood, and came to Christ as a teenager in the United Sates. He is keenly aware of the deep influences of culture, and has a burden for bridging the inter-cultural and inter-generational gaps within Asian families. He and his wife Caroline have three daughters. He enjoys and treasures spending time with his family, and loves to read, write, and give messages from God’s word.