Bruce Wong | 黃國華

English Ministry | 英语部  (Minister | 教牧同工)


Meet Bruce

Bruce grew up in San Francisco and came to know Jesus during a church youth camp. After earning a BA in Psychology at Simpson Bible College, he married Lisa and worked at Xerox Corporation for ten years as a technical specialist. He served for many years at his home church in San Francisco, in roles such as a college Sunday School teacher, college fellowship advisor and an elder. In 1992, he graduated from Western Seminary with an MDiv in Counseling and entered the fulltime ministry back at his church. After that, he led a church plant and then came to CCIC in 2011. Bruce enjoys spending time in the Word and with people, coordinating programs, working on projects at the church and doing premarital and marital counseling with Lisa. During his spare time he enjoys simple computer games like Sudoku, going on cruises (“eat always and unpack only once!”) and all things chocolate. He and Lisa have twin daughters, a son in law and two grandsons (who can keep him very busy!).