Our Mission

Our mission is to connect children to God through the gospel of Christ, and to partner with parents in order that their children would be transformed into the likeness of Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our Values

In Graceland, our core values are woven into the G.R.A.C.E acrostic below, for it is by grace through faith in Christ that we are saved and given the opportunity to know Him, grow in Him, love Him and serve Him (Ephesians 2:8-10).

G etting ready to know God and serve Him with all our heart, mind, strength and soul.

R elating our faith to our lives by showing examples at home and in the community.

A ffirming and honoring others through genuine leadership.

C reating a loving, safe and fun learning environment with excellence.

E quipping and empowering ministry partners, parents and children to fulfill God’s will.


If you are bringing your children here for the first time, please proceed to our second floor Registration Area (near Sanctuary A) to register your children and receive a newcomer label for them.

You’ll then receive an email invite to join our computer check-in system so that you can check in on your second visit. To protect your children, our centralized computer check-in system enables us to contact you at any time during the service, and all of our volunteers are screened through a comprehensive application and background check process.

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Graceland Sunday Classrooms

1st Service (9:15am-10:30am)

Sanctuary A: English Worship Sanctuary B: Mandarin Worship
Grade Classroom
0-24 months Nursery
2-3 years old Room 203
4-5 years old Room 204
1st-3rd grade Fireside Room
4th-5th grade Room 307

2nd Service (10:45am-12:00pm)

Sanctuary A: Mandarin Worship Sanctuary B: Cantonese Worship
Grade Classroom
0-24 months Nursery
2 years old Room 203
3-5 years old Fireside Room (until 11:05am)
3 years old Room 202 (at 11:05am)
4 years old Room 204 (at 11:05am)
5 years old Room 205 (at 11:05am)

Grade Classroom
1st grade Room 302
2nd grade Room 304
3rd grade Room 306
4th grade Room 308
5th grade Room 303
AGAPE Room 307

Our Ministries

We joyfully serve parents as well as children from infants through fifth grade.

Bbz provides a loving and safe environment for our little ones where they begin to learn and experience God’s love through our loving and caring nursery volunteers. Our caretakers will feed your babies (if required), hold them, change their diapers, play with them, teach them God’s word, and sing praises to God with them. We care for the spiritual needs of your children even though they are still young; we believe that teaching children about God and Jesus in their early years plays an important role in helping them understand salvation later in life. Babies and toddlers in Bbz will learn about God through songs and interactive activities. Click here to learn more about BBZ.
2Explore is a ministry catered to 2-year-olds. In the 1st service (9:15am-10:30am), little ones in 2Explore join their 3-year-old friends to explore God’s word by going through LifeWay’s Gospel Project for Kids; in the 2nd service (10.45am-12.00pm), they further enhance their Bible knowledge through David Cook’s Scripture Press, which focuses on topical lessons about God, Jesus, worship, prayer, and other important areas of Christianity. Click here to learn more about 2Explore.
3K Wonder is specifically catered to children from 3 years old to kindergarten. Children in 3K Wonder will begin to explore God’s word by going through God’s BIG story. We teach these little kids about God’s BIG story of redemption from Genesis to Revelation in their worship hour. Since they are multi-sensory learners, they will learn to worship God through storytelling videos, songs with motions, crafts, and interactive activities and games. Click here to learn more about 3K Wonder.
123Discovery is specifically catered to kids from 1st to 3rd grade. Kids in 123Discovery will begin to discover God’s word by again going through God’s BIG story from a deeper and wider perspective. We teach these early elementary school kids about God’s BIG story of redemption from Genesis to Revelation in their worship hour. Since they are multi-sensory learners, they will learn to worship God through story telling and discussion-starter videos, songs with motions, timelines, geographical maps, crafts, and interactive activities and games. The discussion-starter videos help kids to start their discussion with the teacher/leader about the lesson and begin to learn how to relate their faith to their lives. Click here to learn more about 123Discovery.
45Junction is specially catered to preteens from 4th to 5th grade. Preteens in 45Junction will begin to relate their faith to their lives by going through a series of tough questions that preteens typically have about God, church, family, purity, friendships, worldviews, fitness, school, stress, relationships, God’s plan, emotions, media, service, etc., which help them to link their faith and their life together. Click here to learn more about 45Junction.
Agape was established in 2004 to help kids with special needs to learn God’s word through love and special care from our Agape volunteers. This ministry has been a blessing to the church and to kids with special needs and their parents. Throughout the years, we have seen lives transformed because of the love of God manifested through our Agape volunteers who have been faithfully ministering to these kids and their parents. Click here to learn more about Agape.
Awana allows kids to enjoy learning God’s word through a program including Bible council time, handbook, and game time. Throughout the years, hundreds of kids in CCIC San Jose have experienced life-changing results through this program. Kids are not only grounded in God’s word, but they also enjoy wonderful fellowship with each other every Friday or Saturday night through interactive games and other activities. The small group handbook time helps kids to build closer relationship with their leaders and the Bible council time further strengthens their foundation in God’s word. Click here to learn more about AWANA.


3K Wonder
Summer Program
Bricks4God Summer Camp 1
Bricks4God Summer Camp 2
Bricks4God Summer Camp 3