Thanks for signing up your child(ren) for our Friday AWANA program and welcome to CCIC!

Here are some important information for parents:

Children Check In Procedure

All children (including Cubbies) MUST check in at 1st floor. For security reason, please DO NOT leave your child(ren) without supervision before our check-in stations open at 7:15pm.

If you are a new parent and you are not sure about how to check in, please refer to AWANA CHECK IN/OUT PROCEDURES . You’ll receive your family check in code shortly after your registration.  If you did not receive your check in code, please contact our Children’s Minister.

Name Tag

For AWANA, we will only check in but not printing out the labels.  Chidren will receive their name tags on the first day of the program or after he/she has registered. Please remind your child(ren) to put on their name tags every time they come for the meeting.

Things To Bring

In order to receive two AWANA bonus shares, children have to arrive before 7:30pm and show the following items to our secretary upon check in:

  1. Bible (refer BIBLE RECOMMENDATIONS if he/she doesn’t have one)
  2. Uniform (if your child has obtained the uniform; with scarf for old T&T uniform)
  3. Name tag (name tag will be given to new student upon the first check-in)
  4. Handbook (if your child has received his/her handbook – will be given when student completed his/her entrance booklet)

Cubbies Additional Procedures

  1. Take your toddlers to the bathroom before class.
  2. Bring your toddlers in by 7:30pm, check the attendance sheet at the table outside the class room and get the name tag.

Ziploc Bag & Small Backpack

We suggest that your child(ren) bring a ziploc bag with label for AWANA shares earned during the program and a small backpack to store their belongings.

Parent Sign In Procedure

Since this is a ministry aimed to partner with parents in raising their kids with a lasting faith in Christ, parents are required to either serve in the ministry or be equipped by attending CCIC-SJ’s fellowship programs while your child(ren) are attending the AWANA program. If you’re not sure how to sign in as parents, please refer to AWANA CHECK IN/OUT PROCEDURES

Please contact Chien-Chien Jin if you’re interested to serve in our program.

Children Pick Up Procedure

Please be on time to pick up your child(ren) at 1st floor by 9:25pm if your child(ren) is/are not authorized for self-dismiss. We will let you know if there is any changes.

For Cubbies (3-4 year-old), please pick up your toddlers at Room 204 by 9.25pm, check on the check out column and return the name tag at the table outside the classroom.

Self-Dismiss Option (only for 1st-5th graders)

AUTHORIZE US and get a self-dismiss sticker from our secretary if you want your child(ren) to self-dismiss at the end of the program. 3-5 years old toddlers are not allowed for self-dismiss.

AWANA Administration

All fees, handbooks and uniforms will be taken care by our AWANA Secretary. For those who haven’t paid their registration fees, please do so on our Saturday meetings at our AWANA Secretary Counter. Parents will receive a bill inserted into your child’s handbook when they receive their new handbook and uniform.  Please pay to our Secretary on the following week according to the bill.

AWANA Rules & Discipline Guidelines

We not only aim to help your child(ren) grow spiritually, but also hope to partner with parents to help them build godly characters through the AWANA rules and discipline guidelines. These are the rules and guidelines we normally go through with them on the first day of the program and often emphasize throughout the program.  Parents please go through these rules and guidelines with your child(ren) at home so that they are clear about our expectations:

AWANA Rules:

  • Respect and obey your leaders
  • Do not talk when leaders or others are talking
  • Treat others as you would want them to treat you
  • Take good care of church property
  • Raise your hands (wait for others to finish) before speaking/asking questions
  • Be prepared before coming to the club
  • Keep electronic devices or toys at home
  • Make newcomers feel welcome
  • No bullying, fighting, running, wrestling or rough play before, after and during the program or in the hallways during the transitions
  • For safety reason, no slippers, high heel, flip flops, sanders, roller shoes – ONLY sneakers

Discipline Guidelines:

  • Group Discipline 5-Count
    • Whenever a leader raises his/her hand and starts counting 5-1
      • Be silent immediately
      • Raise your hand
      • Return to your seat or color line
      • Wait for instructions
  • Individual Discipline  3-Count
    • 1st time – take 1 AWANA share & give verbal warning
    • 2nd time – time out from the activity
    • 3rd time – pull out from the activity – meet Director/Commander
  • Repeat again – meet Minister – might call parents

The reason we have the above guidelines is for the sake of the children. Hopefully, we can work together to help children who come to us to grow into God’s likeness, becoming His precious children and be the examples of others.

Parent’s Responsibilities

AWANA is a program that requires parents to actively participate:

  1. Allocate time to go through the handbook with your child(ren) every week before coming for the meetings:
    • Sparks – at least 2 sections/week
    • T&T – 1 topic/week plus extra credit (optional)
      • Silver Extra Credits – additional Bible studies
      • Gold Extra Credits – additional Bible verses
  2. Make sure your child(ren) wear their uniforms and bring their handbook, Bible, etc.
  3. Try not to skip the meeting.
  4. Go through the council message, talk with your child(ren) about the lesson before or after the meeting so that you can help disciple your own child(ren).

Parent’s Meeting

Please attend our parent’s meeting at the beginning of the program if you have not attended one before. Date & time will be informed when the program begins.

AWANA Sparks & T&T Council Messages (K-5th Grade)

You’ll receive an email about the weekly council message topics before the program starts.

AWANA Sparks & T&T Handbooks

Sparks Curriculum
T&T Curriculum

AWANA Cubbies Materials

Cubbies Handbooks:
Note: Feel free to check with the person in charge if you’re not sure which topic the students are on.