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get to know AWANA Program AUTHORIZE US

Our 2020-2021 AWANA program is now open for registration!

Please Do the Following to Complete Your Registration:

  1. Submit the Registration Form Below.
  2. Register your child(ren) on TwoTimTwo.
  3. Submit Payment Online or Mail a Check written out to “CCIC-SJ".


We have AWANA program on both Friday and Saturday. To ease our operation, please only register one and once registered, children are not allowed to switch from Friday to Saturday or vice versa unless a solid reason is given. Cases (if any) will be evaluated and considered individually.

Since this is a ministry aimed to partner with parents in raising their kids with a lasting faith in Christ, parents are required to either serve in the ministry or be equipped by attending CCIC-SJ’s fellowship unless specific reason is given.

Fees (non-refundable)

Sparks & T&T (K-5th grade): $73 per child

Cubbies (3-4 years old): $60 per child (no 50 cents due weekly)

The fees above include the AWANA handbook. Uniform fees are to be paid at AWANA’s counter (Friday 7.15pm-7.45pm or Saturday 6:45pm-7:15pm) the week after the collections.


*SJ* Friday 9/11/2020-6/4/2021 (except several holidays – to be informed on AWANA Parent Night)
*SJ* Saturday 9/12/2020-6/5/2021 (except several holidays – to be informed on AWANA Parent Night)

*CSJ* Saturday 9/12/2020-6/5/2021 (except several holidays – to be informed on AWANA Parent Night)


*SJ* Friday: 7:30pm-9:20pm
*SJ* Saturday: 6:50pm-9:00pm

*CSJ* Saturday: 7:00pm-9:00pm

Check In

*SJ* Friday: Check in stations at 1st floor open at 7:15pm.
*SJ* Saturday: Check in stations at 2nd floor open at 6:35pm.

*CSJ* Saturday: Check in stations open at 6:45pm.

Check Out

Children will be released upon self check out when the program ends. Please wait for your child(ren) or pick him/her up at 1st floor at 9:20pm (Friday), Fireside at 9:00pm (Saturday), and 9:00pm(*CSJ* Saturday). Parents are responsible for their child’s safety after 9:20pm (Friday), 9:00pm (Saturday), and 9:00pm(*CSJ* Saturday).

Self-Dismiss Option

For parents’ convenience, children from 3rd-5th grade are allowed to self-dismiss when the program ends if parents  to do so. A note “Self-Dismiss Authorized” will be printed on the child’s label if he/she has been authorized to self-dismiss from the program.

No Cubbies Club on SJ Saturday

To focus our resources on Sparks and T&T, we do not have Cubbies club for SJ Saturday AWANA.  3-4 year olds will be taken care by certified CEF teacher during the AWANA program.

Please be prompt when checking in and picking up your child. All children must be checked in and picked up at the above designated areas.

AWANA Uniform Size Charts

For questions or concerns, please contact the following person in charge:
SJ Friday AWANA:  Chien-Chien Jin
SJ Saturday AWANA: Dinah Chin

CSJ Saturday AWANA: Jung Lien