AWANA Check In Procedures

All children (babies to 5th grade) MUST check in via our computerized check in system at 1st floor (Friday) or 2nd floor (Saturday) upon arrival.

Only registered students can join the AWANA program. Walk in student(s) will be given a newcomer label that shows the child’s name, leader’s name, color group and classroom number.  You will have to REGISTER YOUR CHILD(REN) ONLINE and check in as a registered student if your child(ren) would like to continue with the program.

For security purposes, please DO NOT leave your child(ren) without supervision before the program starts. Our check-in stations open at 7:15pm (Friday) or at 6:35pm (Saturday).

Express Check In Procedures

Welcome to Graceland’s NEW Check-In, KidMin App!

  1. Open up the KidMin App up to an hour before Awana starts.
  2. Click Express Check In.
  3. Choose your child(ren) to check in, and click check in! That’s it!

Normal Check In Procedures

For those who don’t have access to the KidMin App or who forget to do Express Check In:

1) Go to the Check In stations on 1st Floor(Friday) or 2nd Floor Lobby(Saturday).

2) Enter in your phone number.

3) Select the service / child(ren) to check in and click Check In. That’s it!

Parent Sign In Procedure
Parents (at least one parent) are required to remain in the church while your child(ren) are attending the AWANA’s program as stated in our AWANA Authorization and Media Release clause.

You can either participate in our fellowship programs or serve in AWANA if you’re a Christian and have been attending our church/fellowship program for at least 3 months.

No Label for AWANA
For AWANA, no labels and pick-up slip will be printed after your child(ren) check in. Children are given their pre-printed AWANA name tags.  Labels will only be printed out for Sunday programs.

Nursery and 3-4 years old
Please send your babies (0-2 years old) to Nursery A and 3-4 years old toddlers to AWANA Cubbies (Friday) or CEF Class (Saturday) at Room 204 before 7:30pm (Friday) or 7:00pm (Saturday).

AWANA Check Out Procedures

Please be on time to pick up your child(ren) at 1st floor by 9:25pm (Friday) or 2nd floor Fireside by 9:00pm (Saturday) if your child(ren) is/are not authorized for self-dismiss (only for 1st-5th graders).

Nursery and 3-4 years old
Please pick up your babies (0-2 years old) from Nursery A and 3-4 years old toddlers from AWANA Cubbies (Friday) or CEF Class (Saturday) at Room 204 by 9:25pm (Friday) or 9:00pm (Saturday).

Self-Dismiss Procedure

For regular comers (only for 1st-5th grade), parents/guardians can  AUTHORIZE us to let them self-dismiss when the program ends. If your child is to be picked up by a teen, you need to  AUTHORIZE us too. Self-dismiss is not recommended for newcomers.