45Junction is catered for preteens from 4th-5th grade.

In their worship session (9:15am-10:30am), preteeens learn to worship God with their heart and soul and begin to relate their faith to their lives by going through a series of tough questions that they typically have about God, Church, Friendship, Worldview, Stress, Relationships, God’s plan, Emotion, etc. through a combination of LifeWay’s FLYTE and Preteen Ministry’s curriculum.

We want our preteens to continue their spiritual journey by living out their faith to be the ambassadors of Christ. We don’t want our preteens to see Christianity as a religion which has no difference from other religions (just to be a good or kind person). Instead, we want our preteens to manifest God’s love to others and be able to see that salvation is not only about themselves but it’s about establishing God’s kingdom on earth!

During their Sunday school session (10:45am-12:00pm), preteens break into smaller classes according to their ages to further enhance their Bible knowledge and Bible skill through LifeWay’s Explore the Bible For Kids that helps kids to go through most of the books in the Bible via book-by-book study.

We see the significance of parents’ role in their preteen’s spiritual development. Our Sunday school curriculum provides family app to allow parents to continue the discussions and lessons at home and parents are welcome to borrow biblical parenting resources from our library.