3K Wonder is catered for 3-5 year olds. At this age, kids are full of energy and they learn through play!

During the 1st service (9:15am-10:30am), little ones in 3K Wonder join their 2 years old friends to start wondering about God’s word by going through LifeWay’s Gospel Project for Kids (preschool).  They learn God’s big story of redemption chronologically from Genesis to Revelation the toddler’s way! Teachers use various props and ways to tell the stories in sequence to give these little ones a big picture of God’s big plan of salvation.

We want our preschoolers to begin their spiritual journey by focusing on Jesus, the promised Savior God sent to the world to save the fallen mankind.  We don’t want our kids to miss the point!  Bible lessons are not about stories, character building or memory verses, but it’s all about God’s ONE BIG story – the gospel of Christ.  We don’t want our kids to learn fragmented stories and people in the Bible, but we want them to see how every story, every character, and every event in the Bible points to Jesus and how these stories, characters and events are linked together to tell ONE God’s BIG story.

During the 2nd service (10.45am-12.00pm), 3K Wonder toddlers have a 30-minute worship session before breaking into smaller Sunday school classes according to their ages to further enhance their Bible knowledge through Gospel Light Preschool Sunday School Curriculum that focuses on topical lessons about God, Jesus, Worship, Prayer, etc.

To enable parents to partner with us in shepherding their child(ren), parents can access to The Gospel Project’s family app to continue the lessons at home.